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Zimní škola Umělá inteligence a společnost

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Faculty of Arts
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Programy kvalifikačního vzdělávání (rozšiřující a doplňující vzdělání)
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Programy rozšiřující a doplňující vzdělání
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Programy rozšiřující a doplňující vzdělání.
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Zimní škola Umělá inteligence a společnost
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on the profession (occupational)
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These days, artificial intelligence is a popular keyword appearing everywhere. Frequently, AI is claimed to accomplish complex tasks, put humans out of their jobs, and solve all social problems. The concept of AI is used to designate so many different of things, processes, systems, devices, and ideas that it almost loses any real meaning. What is behind this keyword and so-called intelligent technologies and functions? How do our historical and cultural legacies affect our understanding, hopes, and projections for the future of AI? The four-day intensive course at Palacky University in Olomouc tackles these questions and many more, giving an interdisciplinary and diverse overview of the main theories, paradigms and discourses at the intersections of technology, society, and language.
Vzdělávací cíle programu/kurzu
Připravit studenty na příjímací řízení. Students completing this course: - have an overview of key meanings and objects historically associated with the concept of AI; - are familiar with the historical and cultural roots of automated technologies and human-machine comparison; - are aware of the main sociocultural mechanisms that contribute to our nterpretations of technology; - have an understanding of how concepts and meanings arise and circulate in culture and society; - have tools for critically reading and analysing the discourses on AI and technology in general.
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