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Academy for International Officers: Creating an International Campus

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Tematické vzdělávání ve formě semináře, odborného soustředění, přednáškového cyklu, přednášky
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Tematické programy CŽV
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Academy for International Officers: Creating an International Campus
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on the profession and interest
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The Academy is an intensive professional development program for leading International Officers who need to play a key role in providing professional services to international students and academics, broadening Internationalization at Home activities, creating more internationally friendly institutional environments, and implementing internationalization strategies. This novel professional development consists of intensive training sessions in spring 2021 as well as mentored support during implementation in fall 2021. Highlights: " 18 hours of direct training (April-June 2021) " one-day retreat (June 2021) " individual mentoring with trainers " continuous individualized feedback " Czech and international expert guest speakers " implementation support through monthly "help desk" (September-December 2021)
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Description: This hands-on professional development training, comprising six 180-minute online sessions and one day-long retreat, has been designed specifically for the international relations office staff to become well-equipped professionals with intercultural competences, communication skills to serve as key players of internationalization and international partnerships at their institutions. To achieve this we will approach the role of the international relations staff from two perspectives: as professionals providing high-quality services in international education and as individuals who need to understand their own reactions and find creative solutions when faced with intercultural challenges. The training sessions will provide participants with practical intercultural communication tools and insights to enhance their work with international and domestic students, academics, management, and external partners. We will explore essential aspects that affect communication in international contexts, including ethnocentrism, stereotyping and prejudice, and the role of culture in our perception and correspondingly in verbal and non-verbal communication. This will help us increase self-awareness and understanding of our own cultural contexts as a starting point for an effective management of the challenges of intercultural communication. All presented concepts will be applied to real-life situations, inviting participants' reflection of their own experiences and helping them enhance intercultural skills through effective tools and strategies.
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Janebová Eva, Mgr. Ph.D.
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