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Training for academics: Teaching International Classroom

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Tematické vzdělávání ve formě semináře, odborného soustředění, přednáškového cyklu, přednášky
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Tematické programy CŽV
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Training for academics: Teaching International Classroom
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on the profession and interest
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This series of two one-day online trainings, is designed for academics to enhance their intercultural skills and broaden the scope of pedagogical competencies of teaching internationally diverse classrooms.
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Session 1: Intercultural Dimension of the International Classroom This session will address essential aspects that impact the efficiency of academics' work in an international classroom, including cultural misunderstandings, expectations, teaching and learning styles, diversity and inclusion. Focusing primarily on intercultural elements in educational contexts, this workshop will analyze the role of culture in our perception and correspondingly in verbal and non-verbal communication as well as its gender and age related specifics, aiming to help remove potential obstacles to an efficient and enjoyable teaching and learning experiences. In addition to presenting relevant theoretical concepts, this workshop will provide personalized learning experience, address specific issues using case studies, discuss the participants' own challenges, and provide practical tools and strategies for managing cultural misunderstandings in an international setting. (The participants are expected to fill out and submit a brief learning survey prior to the workshop in order to receive a personalized learning experience.) Session 2: Pedagogical Dimension of the International Classroom Building on the intercultural foundations in the first session, the second workshop will address the pedagogical aspects of intercultural and international instruction. We will explore pedagogies that enhance student engagement, and support intercultural and interdisciplinary cooperation. In order to equip graduates with international and global competencies, we will look at how to design learning objectives that support higher-order thinking skills and encourage students to become globally confident citizens. It will also offer practical steps on how academics can utilize international partnerships to advance their international classroom and design sustainable international collaborations. Participants are invited to work their own course syllabi.
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Janebová Eva, Mgr. Ph.D.
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