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Approach to Generation Z

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Tematické vzdělávání ve formě semináře, odborného soustředění, přednáškového cyklu, přednášky
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Tematické programy CŽV
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Approach to Generation Z
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on the profession (occupational)
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Generation Z is showing different behavioral features than previous generations. It is difficult to understand because it is the first generation that is largely shaped by digital technologies. This is a fundamental change compared to the so-called millennials (Generation Y), which was accelerated by a new style of work and teaching during the covid-19 pandemic. Currently, 300,000 students are entering universities in the Czech Republic per year and Palacký University in Olomouc faces the challenge of working effectively with this generation. To do this, it is necessary to understand this group of young people. The curriculum will present the main values and motivating factors that shape this group of young people in the context of university teaching practice.
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Introduction of Generation Z in Figures - a summary of important surveys in the Czech Republic and in the world. Conclusions implemented in the environment and current situation at UPOL (need to conduct your own survey). Handing over practical recommendations for pedagogical practice
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Aurora European Universities Alliance
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Aurora European Universities Alliance
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Tesaříková Čermáková Klára, Mgr. Bc.
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