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Kaleidoscope Career Model and Gender Bias

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Kaleidoscope Career Model and Gender Bias
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on the interest
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Through advancing knowledge the universities contribute to the well-being and prosperity of the whole society. However it is mainly women in academia who have been widely known to experience challenges such as institutional barriers and family-related issues in developing their careers. Compared with men, women in academia have experienced extra pressures in coping with challengeable workloads and dealing with issues of work and family interaction, gender stereotypesand multiple roles in work and family domains. One of the next generation gender based career concepts, the Kaleidoscope Career Model (KCM), describes how individuals change the pattern of their career by rotating the varied aspects of their lives to arrange their relationships and roles in new ways. It was inspired by the alarming talent drain of highly trained women, largely working mothers, who choose not to aspire to the corporate executive suite in USA. It also aims to better understand women's needs in careers in order to help organizations make changes to better attract and retain female talent.
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The purpose of the lecture is to share inspiration of the model and its potential application to academic environment.
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The lecture is intended for PhD students and young researchers.
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The lecture is intended for PhD students and young researchers.
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Šupplerová Markéta, Mgr.
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