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Multi session LOUIS course

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Tematické vzdělávání ve formě semináře, odborného soustředění, přednáškového cyklu, přednášky
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Tematické programy CŽV
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Multi session LOUIS course
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on the profession (occupational)
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This course shows and explains how the LOUIS tool can increase the impact of existing courses on the development of students' general academic and personal competences, regardless of the specific subject or objective of the course. It guides and assists participating teachers to identify those general competences that best fit in their course and their teaching style. For those chosen competences it helps to identify tangible learning outcomes, intuitively understandable to them and to their students. It uses existing examples of existing courses in their own and other universities that have been adapted using LOUIS, to show how it works in practice, how little time it takes and how it impacts students' learning and students' satisfaction. For the latter, it presents a simple tool to assess how students increase their general competence development and how they appreciate this.
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The participants will understand the design and structure of LOUIS tool and the benefits its implementation brings for teaching and learning. The participants will be able to identify LOUIS related competences in their teaching, with relevant competence dimensions and applicable progressive performance descriptors. The participants will understand the connection between LOUIS and backward design/constructive alignment and will be able to effectively apply LOUIS tool to describe learning outcomes, evaluate, whether the students have achieved these outcomes, and design concrete teaching activities to develop the LOUIS competences. The participants will understand the connection between LOUIS and other competence frameworks or learning outcomes taxonomies and will be able to apply them in synergic way.
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Tomoszek Maxim, JUDr. Ph.D.
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